Recent collaborators

  • David Blackburn & Ed Stanley, Florida Museum of Natural History. Morphological evolution in Brachycephalus frogs.
  • John McCormack, Occidental College, USA & Brant Faircloth, UCLA, USA. Phylogenomics of frogs, birds, and ants.
  • Claudia Pio Ferreira, Paulo Mancera, Universidade Estadual Julio de Mesquita. Modeling interaction networks in ant colonies.
  • Sabrina Araújo, Post-doc, UFPR – Co-advisor of Ana Rorato (Synchronization in fiddler crab waving displays).
  • Ana Carnaval, CUNY, USA. Comparative phylogeography of the Atlantic Rainforest.
  • Ricardo Luiz Viana, Dept of Physics, UFPR – Co-advisor of Felipe M. Neves (Self-organization in ant social behavior).
  • Marcos Gomes Luz, Dept of Physics, UFPR – Co-advisor of Bernardo Brandão Niebuhr dos Santos (Optimal search strategies for central-place foragers/the impact of search strategies on population fragmentation).
  • Wilson Reis Filho, Embrapa, Curitiba. – Co-advisor of Mariane Nickele and Elisiane Queiroz. Behavioral ecology of leaf-cutting ants.
  • Elenise A. B. Sipinski & Maria Cecília Abbud. SPVS. Environmental niche modeling of the red-tailed Amazon (Amazona brasiliensis).
  • Marcos Ricardo Bornschein. Mountain frog ecology and evolution. Universidade Estadual Paulista.

Visiting students